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We Love Realtors    Our Agent Referral Promise

 Most real estate firms concentrate on brokerage, and if they do any property management, it's usually more of a sideline than a major part of their business. At Bigham & Associates, LLC, property management is our main business. Many of our clients are referred by other Realtors® wanting their investment clients to be well represented after the sale. At the close, Realtors® want to recommend a property manager that will reflect well upon them and deliver quality service at a reasonable price.  Think about what it is that you do best.

  • Do you really want to manage homes, or do you just want to protect it for the future sale?
  • Do you ignore management calls simply because you don’t have a quality property manager to refer your prospects?
  • Do you want to get relieved of the management headaches but don't know how?
  • Do you want to make more money with less hassle?

Being able to "hand off" property management to a competent group makes all the difference in the world since the likelihood of future investment purchases depends on professional property management, and thus a positive ownership experience. Or, put another way, the better the property manager, the greater the odds are that more real estate property will be purchased.

  • We pay REALTORS® for Property Management Referrals
  • Refer either prospects callers or existing accounts - we'll handle the rest!
  • Refer non-performing sales listings!
  • Refer properties that need time to appreciate more to make selling a financially sound decision.
  • We protect your referrals by referring any future sales back to you.

Our on-going promise to all Realtors® is that we will honor their referrals for property management by redirecting clients back to them when their client decides to sell or make additional purchases. Honoring the Realtor®/client relationship is central to our success. Let us serve your referrals with competent and professional property management.  Bigham & Associates, LLC is your safe and prudent property manager referral choice.  We pledge to maintain the property and provide the best possible support to your client and once they are ready to sell, smoothly transition them back to you.  As property management specialist we only focus on property management and will never take your client away from you.

Referral Fees

Property management is a nickel dime business with small margins and small referral fees.  If you refer an owner, we’ll give you a referral fee, plus return the listing back to you when the owner is ready to list it for sale. We will protect your referrals at all times.  We make notes in our data bases, and on our property files, when the owner is referred to us by another agent.

Co-op Fees

When you work with a prospect to show a property and help lease one of our managed properties, we can pay you more.  The amount may vary between properties and is found in the MLS listing.