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Top-Rated Property Management Services in the Greater Austin Area

Bigham Associates is a full-service rental property management company in the Austin, TX area, and many surrounding communities.  Since 1987 we have provided an extensive line of services for investors and tenants alike.  If you are currently searching for a company to protect your rental property investment — you don’t have to look any further.  We specialize in the management of single family homes, individual condos, and duplexes.  

Ethical and Trustworthy Property Management Services

Perhaps you own rental property and are looking for the right company to manage it.  Or maybe you are searching for the ideal residence for you and your family.  You should always work with a property management team that is ethical and trustworthy.  You want a company that delivers on their promises, keeps the lines of communication open, and remains as professional as possible at all times.  That company is Bigham & Associates.  

For the past 30 years, we have focused on providing the highest quality property management services. We shine on exceeding the expectations of investors and tenants alike.

Advantages for the Rental Property Investor

As a rental property owner, your primary concern should be your own peace of mind when handing over the management responsibilities to a 3rd party.  We provide that peace of mind by protecting your investment and ensuring an increase in the value of it during our tenure.  There are several ways that Bigham & Associates helps you achieve your goals when taking over the property management responsibilities. For instance:

  • We enable easy access to accounting documents, business contracts, expense reports, lease/rental agreements, and relevant paperwork.

  • We offer some of the most competitively priced property management service fees in the Texas real estate industry.

  • We provide all-inclusive management agreements/contracts that are clear, concise, and simple to understand.  In other words, there are NO unpleasant surprises.

  • We will be happy to provide our credentials whenever requested, should you need proof that our company is legally certified, and licensed to operate in the region.

If you wish to solicit feedback, or you require references, Bigham & Associates will be happy to provide you with a listing of the properties we are currently managing.  As always, we prefer developing long-term relationships with our clients.  However, we also understand that the key to developing such relationships is trust, and providing the most pleasant experience possible for the client.

Advantages for the Tenant

If you and your family are searching for a home to lease, you may or may not have considered contacting a property management company.  The common misconception is that there aren’t as many benefits for the tenant as there are for the property investor or owner.  That simply isn’t the case.  At least it isn’t when you are dealing with Bigham & Associates.  Here a few tenant benefits:.
  • We avoid problems that most landlords are unable to prevent – You’ll quickly find out that you can trust the properties you rent from our company.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with some landlords.  For instance, you may be exposed to some very unpleasant risks that could include termites, rodents, or any other pest infestations.

  • We keep the lines of communication open at all times – 24/7 online access is now available through our resident’s portal.  This enables the tenant to keep up to date on any important news or pending policy changes.  As well, they may pay the rent and schedule any necessary maintenance or repairs.

  • We respond to all maintenance or repair requests promptly – Whenever there are maintenance issues or repair problems, our management team will address your needs as quickly as possible.  With many private landlords, it could be days before these types of issues are resolved.

Furthermore, Bigham & Associates offers the type of professionalism that you won’t find with most landlords who are managing their own properties.  Basically, we eliminate the risk of dealing with any unpleasant experiences.  That, by itself, should provide you with the peace of mind that you are looking for.

Why Bigham & Associates?

Our company understands how the demands of managing investment property can be overwhelming.  You are solely responsible for a number of critical tasks, such as:

  • Advertising and marketing your property

  • All accounting and tax reporting

  • Collecting rents

  • Conducting regularly scheduled inspections

  • Handling all maintenance and repair issues

  • Staying up-to-date with landlord/tenant laws

Since 1987, we have successfully managed the assets and protected the investments of our clients in a cost-effective, efficient, and highly professional manner.  With our combined years of experience and expertise in property management, we’ve exceeded the expectations of both clients and tenants.

For more information about our owner and tenant services, contact Bigham & Associates today. Remember, we care about your property as if it were our own.